Info & Directions


An 1876 Victorian home is the Bed & Breakfast where most of our guests will be staying at this year.  The owner's name is Terri Dutch, the B&B is right on Main Street in Boonville, on the left hand side as you are approaching the main business district.
The building is gray in color.
Your reservations will be made by us for you but here is the phone number if you want to or need to call them:  315-942-3368.


We are approximately 4.5 hours from NYC, 2.5 hours from Rochester, NY, 2 hours from Syracuse, 2 hours from Albany, 1/2 hour from Utica.  There are airports everywhere except Utica.  Folks come in from all over the U.S. and Europe. 
Driving directions:  from western NY, take 90 East to Utica exit, get on Route 12 North, to the Y split in Alder Creek of Rt 28 and Rt 12.  Stay on Rt 12 for just another short ways, go under the bridge, turn left onto EGYPT road, turn left onto Potato Hill Rd., turn Right onto Buck Hill - there is no sign - it is the first right following the sign on Potato Hill Rd that says Town of Steuben. 
I still have to get directions on the 87 part of the thruway if you coming from NYC, then you would head to I can't remember!


We have helmets if you desire to wear one, also raingear, and boots if you are lacking them, and breakaway stirrups and safety glasses (or your sunglasses)  for your protection.
We suggest you wear long sleeved shirts to protect against branches, no hooded shirts - they can get caught up in branches, and a baseball or some type of hat.  And
Bring a sweatshirt or light jacket just in case it is cool out

Regarding Deposits

We are a very small business (only 1 or 2 guests at a time) and we have a very short season because of hunting and our severe winters - we will do our very best to refund your deposit IF we can get someone else in for that week that you had reserved.

So, the earlier you are able to inform us, the better the chances are of us trying to fill the  week that you no longer can use.  Our business and our darlings depend on occupied  weeks - a  vacant week really hurts us and our brood since there is no income at all and we have lost guests that WOULD have reserved that same week but made other plans since that timeframe was not available.

We are very honest and nice folks - and we will try our very best to fill that week with other guests, but there is no guarantee that we can - you do have our word that we will give it our very best shot

What you will learn walk, trot, canter and maybe gallop with     confidence and skill. be comfortable on a horse - physically, mentally, and emotionally. a horse thinks and behaves and how to "read" the moods of a horse. to read a horse's body language & how he reads your body language. ride horseback balanced & centered - for your comfort & for the horses comfort.
.........the emergency one rein stop that all riders should know. ride up and down steep hills & maybe bushwack new trailsl to get your horse to cross creeks, go through mud, & tough terrain to through the briars and the brambles & when to TRUST your horse & when NOT to trust the darling to use various skills to deal with herd sour, barn sour, buddy sour horses to deal with "running or jigging back to the barn" to "catch" a horse - you won't have to bribe him or sneak up on him to develop balance in the saddle

.........and give your horse the  leadership that he craves and needs.